Your Heritage Matters - Preserving Home Movies / by Kirsten L.

Image: Al Larvick Family Film Collection, 1956.

Image: Al Larvick Family Film Collection, 1956.

Our board chair, Rhonda Vigilant once said, "We should treat our home movies as we do our photographs and other family heirlooms." Homemade movies are just as important to hang onto as our other personal memorabilia. The histories and perspective they capture are as significant as our larger cinematic heritage.

Home Movie Day celebrations have taken off around the world thanks to the nonprofit, Center for Home Movies. More and more, people understand both their entertainment value and cultural and historical importance. Home movies are being repurposed to tell stories, to give context to life and times of our past, to add depth to understanding ourselves and our heritage. With all that in mind, if you own analog family or orphaned films and videos, why not bring get them conserved and bring them into the digital age.

Grant season is here:

The Al Larvick Fund offers one national grant in the spring and one state-based grant in the fall. Generously sponsored by The MediaPreserve, the Al Larvick North Dakota Grant seeks to conserve, digitally transfer and exhibit home and amateur movies which were recorded in North Dakota State. The grant is currently accepting applications with a deadline of October 31st, 2016.

How to Apply:

1). Review grant Guidelines, FAQs & the Application.

2). Take pictures of your films, videos & other related materials such as photographs, newspaper clippings, programs and other related ephemera.

3). Call or email the Fund with any questions.

4). Fill out & submit the online Application form by October 31st, 2016

Grant selections are made by the North Dakota Committee and the Board. Applicants are notified of award decisions sometime in December or January.

The fund is inspired by my grandfather, Al Larvick, who shot many home movies of his family and community in the state of North Dakota and eventually Oregon, between the years 1953 and 1980. Like most homemade movies, his 8mm films reflect a specific and unique time in our American culture and history. 

Conservation and transferred media supported through this grant are screened at local historical societies and other organizations in and outside of North Dakota in collaboration with their collection holders. In 2015 and ’16, ALCF held home movie events in Bismarck, Valley City and West Fargo, North Dakota. 2017 will bring ALCF to locations outside of North Dakota.

No connection to North Dakota? No problem. Stay-tuned for the Al Larvick National Grant, which will open for submissions Spring 2017.

Questions? Contact us at 646.797.3295 or email