How many miles do you have? / by KirstenStudio

rc88_2Anthology Film Archives is continuing their NewFilmmakers Series into 2010. The series, which offers regular screenings into the first several months of the year has selected films and videos often overlooked by traditional film festivals.  It's a terrific showcase for a variety of works and talents, but in particular it's a great showcase for documentary shorts and they do indeed get overlooked by many traditional film festivals.  Anthology's NewFilmmakers screenings are grouped together by theme such as the moon, airports or China and are separated into categories such as Documentary Series, Short Film Programs, Feature Presentations, Animation Series and Film School Series.  Most screenings begin at 6p and it's a great way to see what and who is out there.  It's also a good way to gauge your own work against other filmmakers and editors as well as see who may be up and coming. January 1st, Anthology is showing two shorts about airports.  The Moving Town and Frequent Flyer. You can check out a 12 minute clip of the 20 minute film Frequent Flyer, by Gabriel Leigh on PBS Frontline.  His documentary short about the invention of and obsession over accumulating frequent flyer miles is an interesting and entertaining examination of an increasingly status obsessed, yet environmentally conscious society. On January 13th, the NewFilmmakers presents a Night of New Urban Reality looks pretty interesting too and there are many many more.  It's a great way to be supportive of new filmmakers and to start the new year by getting inspired.