In memory of Karen Schmeer / by KirstenStudio

100130_karenschmeerleadI had the pleasure of seeing and listening to Karen Schmeer at New York's 2009 Edit Fest.  An interesting speaker and incredible artist. I felt lucky to gain some access into Ms. Schmeer's vision and approach to her work. Ms. Schmeer lost her life Friday night in a tragic turn of events.  She was Errol Morris' editor (started out with him as an intern) and a filmmaker in her own right.  Karen Schmeer had a unique eye for her art and the talent she brought to the films she was involved in will no doubt continue to influence the industry for many years to come.  I also had a fondness for her because she was a fellow native Portlander. My heart goes out to her family and friends that are dealing with the profound loss of their loved one right now. Life is strange and curious.  We are lucky to have those who show it in inventive and fascinating ways. Karen Schmeer did that brilliantly.  I only wish that life wasn't so unfair too.