In memory of Walter Sear / by KirstenStudio

27I had the great pleasure of being part of a shoot at Sear Sound and then edited a couple of videos from the material recorded there.  I met and spoke with Walter Sear, who was a great audio engineer but also film enthusiast and produced a number of B-Horror movies with his partner, Roberta Findlay (director of their pictures and manages Sear Sound), in the 1970's throughout the 80's. These independent films were part of his resume in addition to his more well known work at his audio facility, Sear Sound, known to be the oldest recording studio in New York. He was passionate about analog sound recording and also about the use of film.  The horror posters of his movies were throughout the lobby of Sear intermixed with photos of the many accomplished musicians that recorded there, including Paul McCartney, Bjork, Steely Dan, Sonic Youth, and many, many more.  He made an enormous contribution to the music recording industry and was a musician himself.  Sear Sound and Walter are legends in this field.

My brief experience with Walter told me he was a smart character.  He would have been a great subject for a documentary and he was interested in becoming one.  He enjoyed sharing his knowledge and showing off his amazing old school equipment (a ton beautiful vintage microphones, a believer in vacuum tube recording) and he really seemed to light up if asked about his films.

To see a little of Sear Sound and Walter, please check out the Video/Work page on this blog and scroll down a bit.  There's a short video of Walter and his place.  A couple of his B-Horror films (and those leaning toward sexploitation) can be purchased on Amazon, like Shauna: Every Man's Fantasy (1985) and The Oracle (1985). He also has an imdb page. Walter passed away April 29th, 2010.