Americans for UNFPA host a film screening / by KirstenStudio

goundo-baby_hor-webjpgAmericans for UNFPA, a U.S. based 501C-3 organization that builds moral, political and financial support within the United States for UNFPA will host a screening at Anthology Film Archives on 5/17/10 of Mrs. Goundo's Daughter. UNFPA (the United Nations Population Fund) provides women’s health and promotes the rights of women in 150 countries. Tickets run between $10 and $25. Mrs. Goundo's Daughter chronicles an important human rights issue that effects millions of females every year - the custom of female circumcision.  Although it's not exactly something people want to hear about, it is an important one. An astounding, demoralizing human rights violation, this violent act can lead to a life time of pain, health trouble and even death.

The film is edited by the very talented (and super nice, to boot!) Sharon Mullally and the filmmakers are the team of Barbara Attie and Janet Goldwater. Mrs. Goundo's Daughter will also be showing at the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival this coming June at Lincoln Center in New York City.