A drink and a movie / by KirstenStudio

Wendell Jamieson is in the habit of careful cocktail consideration before sitting down for an evening of movie watching at home.  His New York 72742-004-a40e46a2Timesarticle entitled, Pairing a DVD and a Drink Takes Care is an excellent diary on finding the appropriate concoctions for each film.  I think Mr. Jamieson has a point. When I lived on the west coast I attended a couple of themed movie parties that included dinner and drink menus based on the chosen film, genre,character and/or plot of the evening's show. It inspired great conversation and I experienced mixed drinks I'd never tried before, many from a time before the "apple martini" came into existence.  Why would anyone want an apple jolly rancher in their martini? Check out Wendell Jamieson's article where he covers drinks for television and movies alike.  Although Mr. Jamieson suggests smoky Monte Alban mezcal backed by Negra Modelo beer to accompany Out of the Past, I'm a traditionalist and would still go with Knob Creek, but that's just me.