David Stone Martin / by KirstenStudio

David Stone Martin (1913-1992) created hundreds of jazz record album covers with the height of his work in the 1950's.  Most well known for his album art, he also illustrated for many well known publications such as Time and The Saturday Evening Post.  He's shown at the Museum of Modern Art and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  His hand drawn lines done with his crowquill pen were his signature look.  His sketches somehow captured the energy, essence and even humor of jazz and it's musicians. During the 1930's and 40's Stone Martin worked as an illustrator and art director for government agencies. It was record art though where David Stone Martin soured. Because of his strong influence on popular culture and the look of jazz, from the mid 40's through the mid 60's, that is exemplified in film of it's time and today, he's ending up on this editor's blog. He also created graphic art for film, television and books, so certainly that justifies this entry. Now through the end of the year, Jazz at Lincoln Center is exhibiting a wide range his work.  It's free to the public and since it's a jazz venue, it's even open late!  There are also guided tours available on certain days.  If you're like me you have a few David Stone Martin albums yourself and are a lover of vinyl records.  If not you should consider learning about the art, the artists and the music.  You'll never look back. There's nothing like the sound of a record and the this particular art is of an era that will never be again. There's great new jazz out there, but as far as cover art goes, if you ask me there's not another David Stone Martin.

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