Another inconvenient truth / by KirstenStudio

Countdown to Zero, a documentary about the global nuclear arms race, is brought to you by the folks behind the global warming and climate change issue, An Inconvenient Truth. Real impending doom illustrations aren't normally subjects you want when going out for an evening of entertainment at the local movie house, but if you care to become more aware and educated about the world around you, unpleasant or not, I recommend seeing Countdown to Zero.

I wasn't particularly surprised by a lot of the information presented in this film. It did, however, uncomfortably validate previous concerns or passing thoughts about how probable a nuclear disaster is.  A frightening scenario to consider but one that is possibly resolvable if the right politicians are voted into office and if there's enough public outcry. The world can eliminate the unimaginable if we're willing to acknowledge the threat and do something about it.

My friend was nice enough to share a ticket to The Paley Center for Media presentation of the film. Writer/Director, Lucy Walker turned out for it as well as Lawrence Bender and other executive producers from Participant Media and Magnolia Pictures.  The History Channel is also a producer of this picture.  It was a full house at The Paley Center and it screened it in two theaters.  There were notables in the audience too, including former CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson (who also appears in the film) and Queen Noor of Jordon. Obviously there's an audience for this documentary and therefore potential for activism.

Time will tell whether Countdown to Zero has any tangible effect on nuclear proliferation. We can only hope so. I didn't really appreciate the step-by-step instructions on how easy it is to import and create a weapon of mass destruction, but I do believe it's important to be informed so the public can be pro-active in creating a "Global Zero" scenario.  Click here to view and sign "Global Zero" declaration.

Ways that you can get involved are all over Countdown's "take part" site (including above widget and other tools) and the film gets official release nation wide this Friday. I should mention the film's editors are Brad Fuller and Brian Johnson.