IFP caters to documentary filmmaking / by KirstenStudio

After a summer of pretty light film oriented happenings (other than the awesome UN and IFP partnership Envision in July), I'm ready for some real industry events and September looks promising. Although IFP always devotes time to the documentary filmmaker, this year promises two days on the subject and is bringing in Sheila Nevins, President of HBO Documentary Films as one of their headliners. I've attended various panels in the last couple of years.  The first time I only attended one day which was devoted to activism and documentary filmmaking.  Last year I attended about 4 panels, all of which I found a little depressing, but that had more to do with the overall independent film market and it's scramble to survive than it really did the event itself. But this year is a brand new one and even though the industry is still scrabbling, it somehow seems less bleak and I'm anxious to get a little information and inspiration with two days on documentary filmmaking.  The IFP Filmmaker Conference is September 19th through September 23rd.  September 21st is The Truth About Non-Fiction and 22nd is The Reel World: Doc and Fiction Collide.  Check out the schedule here.