Monday Night Special / by KirstenStudio

IFC's Stranger Than Fiction series begins it's fall season next week with a pre-season monday night special screening.  Two time Oscar-winner, Barbara Kopple's new release, House of Steinbrenner will play at 8p September 20th.  Ms. Kopple will be on hand for post screening Q&A.  Season passes are going for an early bird rate until midnight tonight.  Single tickets for this screening alone go on sale starting tomorrow.

Stranger Than Fiction is a Tuesday night documentary series held at the IFC Center, hosted by Thom Powers and Raphaela Neihausen. The STF series claims a mix of documentaries from sneak previews to lost classics, followed by discussions with the filmmakers and post-show receptions.  I've only been to a couple of single screenings on and off over the last couple of years and recently an acquaintance I met at the Countdown to Zero screening hosted by The Paley Center, reminded me of what a great program Stranger Than Fiction runs.  It inspired me to get a season pass this year.  It's a great deal for anyone interested in documentary film and/or people that work in the film industry. It's an educating, intimidating and inspiring, all at the same time - but so good for you.

Other films that will get play this season are The Canal Street Madam, by Cameron Yates (still from film pictured above, left), Taking On The Kennedys, by Joshua Seftel, War Don Don, by Rebecca Richman Cohen (also shown at Human Rights Watch Film Festival New York earlier this year) and 12th and Delaware, (recently shown on HBO) brought to you by those ladies behind the great Jesus Camp, Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady.  It's nice to see as many women filmmakers as men in this line-up.

Also included in the mix is a 1986 documentary on Marlene Dietrich I've wanted to see but never have. Just as STF promises, "... an eclectic mix of documentaries – sneak previews and lost classics..."

Monday night kicks off the season.  Take a look at the schedule here and see you there.