Marwencol is calling / by KirstenStudio

The small western European state of Belgium harbors the even smaller town of Marwencol - located around the Kingston, New York area.  If you think that makes no sense, Mark Hogancamp will explain it perfectly. Tuesday night's official opening season of IFC Center's Stranger Than Fiction set the bar with Marwencol, one of the most original, heartbreaking, delightful and tender stories of how humans deal with what they're dealt.  I don't want to give away any more and if you want to know all the details before seeing it, there is plenty if you Google, Marwencol.  I went last night with only a vague idea of what this would be and I really think my lack of knowing more added much to my experience.

I urge everyone to see this documentary directed, produced and edited by Jeff Malmberg.  Other producers include Tom Putnam, Matt Radecki, Chris Shellen and Kevin Walsh.  The music is also something of note. The terrific score combines original music by Ash Black Bufflo and effective classics by the likes of Johnny Mercer.

Producer Matt Radeki attended last night's screening.  The highlight was his call from the stage to Mark Hogancamp via speaker phone. Mr. Hogancamp actually answered and gave the audience an update on what's been going on in Marwencol as of late.  Apparently air craft have entered the story.

Go see Marwencol.  It opens next Friday, October 8th at IFC Center in New York City.