Listening in on Werner Herzog / by KirstenStudio

If there's anything more interesting and thought provoking than watching a Werner Herzog film, it's listening to Werner Herzog. Last night was DOCNYC's opening night and it boasted a screening of Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams, in 3-D no less, along with an appearance by the filmmaker, followed by an opening night gala.

If you missed this event that included a Q&A that wasn't your average Q&A (Listening in on the post screening discussion, you felt as though you're part of a personal conversation rather than a formalized question and answer period between DOCNYC's ArtisticDirector, Thom Powers and Mr. Herzog), never fear, you still have an opportunity.

To listen in on the musings of Herzog as he discusses his work and everything else in the universe you possibly haven't thought of before, you can catch him in conversation tonight at 4:30p at IFC Center in DOCNYC's Spotlight section of their festival.  In Conversation with Werner Herzog still has tickets available.  Last night's screening and opening night Gala was sold out.  Don't miss out on tonights!