Going tapeless... mostly / by KirstenStudio

I took Manhattan Edit Workshop's class, A Filmmaker's Guide to a Tapeless Workflow this last Saturday and it was pretty good.  I definitely knew a fair amount but there was quite a bit I didn't.  It was interesting to learn how each brand of tapeless recording has it's own particularities. The three hour class covered the recording formats AVCHD, Canon 5D/7D, offline/online, P2, RED Cam and XDCAM as well as transcoding formats to bring footage into Final Cut Pro.  This three hour class just covered tapeless workflows in Final Cut Pro editing software.

Having just worked on a handful of small projects containing tapeless footage, I found the class to be valuable.  There were several details around how I was ingesting certain formats, that was not ideal, as well as how I was logging and transferring my footage.  The instructor also went through an easy way to up-rez a sequence from say, Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy) to ProRes 422 (HQ) for output.

This tapeless workflow class is part of MEWSHOP's Masterclasses series and let's face it, we all have to embrace the world of tapeless world that film is now.  In fact it's been around for a while. It's too bad in a way because my heart remains with the mini DV.  I feel like it's the 8mm of video, but I know I'm probably in the minority here and regardless of my devotion to this old school look, the world has gone High Def and it's gone tapeless.  As editors, we always have to keep up with technology as much as humanly possible while considering the craft.  Sometimes I resist the former and that's why I literally have to schedule and pay for that learning time so I will make sure to focus and retain new information. Otherwise its more youtube video tutorials I don't have the retention span for.  Nor do those video allow for my stupid questions.  It's a limited learning experience.   Those are great for what they are, but not the same as a class as far as I'm concerned, so the money is worth it.

So yes, I'm going tapeless! ... with some miniDV based project here and there.