Time management - close but yet so far / by KirstenStudio

As a freelancer, time management is something I continue to struggle with. Between editing and post-production work to non-profit management to film preservation volunteer work, my hands are full. Not that I'm complaining because I love what I do, but it does require continual reassessing priorities and rescheduling, depending on the day, week or month. This past week I balanced editorial work for a filmmaker who has an upcoming screening while organizing a shoot for a community garden effort in Bushwick. Luckily I both came together. It usually somehow does.

Doing post for a piece allows an editor to begin to understand what one has to work with, both its potential and limitations. If you're lucky there are more of the former, which in this case I think there are.  I find it incredibly inspiring to collaborate too and this was definitely a group effort from the filmmaker to the interns, everyone pitched in effectively.

The shoot on Saturday went well but as with a lot of documentary shoots you're relying on folks and circumstances to come together without a script or a pay day. So, not everyone showed that we expected and we didn't tackle everything that we thought we would. That being said, we captured some interesting action. I think this will make for a good social issue short piece that can accompany a pdf tool kit, which can be used in other communities. At least that's the goal and it appears attainable enough.

I would say generally speaking that editorial work is my passion and therefore my priority, but that doesn't mean I can treat the others as less than. I enjoy each gig and wouldn't trade any of them... at least so far. Editing is, however, the most creative (and sometimes most frustrating) work I've ever had the privilege to be involved in. Time management might be a struggle, but working toward finding balance at least gives me a goal to work toward.  A goal that seems attainable enough.