Greetings from Michigan, the Great Lakes state / by KirstenStudio

3373934364_2632fecea5If you work in film or television, (or even if you don't) you know that various cities in Canada have often doubled as American cities.  It has been so much less expensive to build and shoot a production in our neighboring country up north.  What's recent news to me is the emerging film scene in America's very own Detroit Michigan, and I can't think of a better place for it.  Filming in Michigan is nothing new though.  From Anatomy of a Murder (1959) to last year's Gran Torino (2008) and of course several Michael Moore documentaries, this state has a long history of making movies.  What's changed as of late, however, is the numbers.  Apparently, Michigan's tax rebate incentives are the best in the country right now (up to 42% if you're hiring local crews) and we all know this state could use some job opportunities.  Producers are rapidly responding to this hot new deal too.  According to Time Magazine, close to 70 movies have been filmed, or scheduled to be, since the legislation passed.   The Michigan Film Commission gets a good part of the credit for these relatively new tax breaks (passed a little over a year ago) and since Canada isn't quite as reasonable in this current economy, why not bring the money back home?  Now, just remember to come to New York for your post production needs. Reference - Time Magazine article Postcard: Detroit and Michigan Film Office.