Artist Royale / by KirstenStudio

Valentino: The Last Emperor (2008) I saw this documentary about a month ago and then saw the editor, Bob Eisenhardt, at Edit Fest shortly thereafter.

A captivating, beautiful and funny film about love, art and the artist, with amazing access to an often guarded community - the world of haute couture (and it is like your wildest imagination of it would be). It is also a sad story about the artist v.s. the corporation and the changing times that are now more about a branding franchise machine of label spackled fragrances and handbags and less about hand stitched and beaded works of timeless beauty.

This documentary doesn't cover a whole lot of Valentino's history as much as it does present day and his sweet relationship with his life and business partner, Giancarlo Giammetti. The only real annoyance I found was the incessant song Otto e Mezza by Nino Rota, which I do normally enjoy, but here it did feel incessant. I go the point of it, but it just wouldn't end. A little break from it earlier would have been nice. Toward the end, the music transitions into an appropriate operatic grand finale though and it is gorgeous both in sound and picture. Cinematographer, Tom Hurwitz, Director, Matt Tyrnauer and Edited by Bob Eisenhardt.