WFPF's Preservation Campaign launches today! / by KirstenStudio

As the Indiegogo campaign explains, "Seven Women Seven Sins (1986) represents a quintessential moment in film history. The women filmmakers invited to direct for the seven sins were amongst the world's most renown: Helke Sander (Gluttony), Bette Gordon (Greed), Maxi Cohen (Anger), Chantal Akerman (Sloth), Valie Export (Lust), Laurence Gavron (Envy), and Ulrike Ottinger (Pride). Each filmmaker had the liberty of choosing a sin to interpret as they wished. The final film reflected this diversity, including traditional narrative fiction, experimental video, a musical, a radical documentary, and was delivered in multiple formats from 16, super 16, video and 35mm.

After its initial airing on television, the film was unified by Maxi Cohen into a 16mm for its theatrical release. The film premiered at the Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema where Maxi’s film, ANGER, was nominated for and won the short film prize. The film went on to win many other international festival awards. The theater release of Seven Women Seven Sins caused quite a stir, as people lined up around the block to see this compelling anthology of the seven deadly sins."

Please help preserve the legacy of women in cinema by supporting this film's campaign which is being run by the only fund of its kind, the Women's Film Preservation Fund (I am a member of the fund and proud of it!) of New York Women in Film and Television. See the indiegogo campaign for further details about the fund's work and the great prizes associated with donations, such as signed DVDs, original vintage posters and much more. Terrific trailer cut by WFPF's own Suzanne Pancrazi. Campaign organized by Joette Spinelli and Emily Nabasny, along with NYWIFT and WFPF staff and committee members.