Up and Coming / by KirstenStudio

upandcoming2 Up and Coming with Priscila De Carvalho is the first installment of an ongoing documentary short series by director Eliane Lazzaris.  The underlining theme being female immigrant artists.  The process and struggles they experience throughout their creative journey.

Last night Pamela Cohn (her blog is cool - stillinmotion.typepad.com/) and Nancy Wong hosted a benefit for Ms. Lazzaris' series at DCTV.  It was a multimedia event with a screening of Up and Coming along with a beautiful book entitled, Urban Iran, and an always popular raffle with free stuff.   Urban Iran is a collaboration between Charlotte Noruzi and Up and Coming's director, Elaine Lazzaris.   Both the film and book are worth taking a look at and both projects highlight Ms. Lazzaris' eye for graphics as much as the artist's work that's been filmed (terrifically bold, colorful and socially aware works).

The event was great and the post Q&A with director and artist was charming and informative.  The artist, Priscila De Carvalho talked about the importance of the documentary to promote her work (recently shown at Jersey City Museum March 19- August 23, 2009.  For more dates check out her profile on artslant) and the director touched on the importance of female immigrant artists and their influence on the current and future art scene. Mz. Lazzaris also discussed her experience as an immigrant, finding her way in a foreign country and how that exposure informed and inspired her vision for this series.


Urban Iran is a quality hardcover with dramatic imagery.  Full of photography, writings and various other art, it is an interesting look inside the modern Iranian artist's vantage point, especially when considering all that's gone on in the country as of late. (image here is from Urban Iran)

Last night's benefit proceeds will go to assisting the director with the continuation of her documentary short series.  I look forward to seeing more from her.