Fixing it in Post / by KirstenStudio

Manhattan Edit Workshop offers a masterclass series with the right price and the right time commitment.  Saturday I took the masterclass A Filmmaker's Guide to Color Correction.  An intensive 10AM to 5PM class that covers a lot, but that's okay.  I wanted a one day only class and that's what I got.colorcorrection3 The first half of the day focused on the basics of color correction in Final Cut Pro including how to read those video scopes.  The second half of the class delved into Color.  I had never even opened the application Color before Saturday, but still had no problem grasping the basics.  Louis, the instructor gave the class (full but everyone had their own station) a rundown and while it was an abundance of information for one day, he definitely took time to answer specific questions.  This masterclass series has a variety of one day classes and I plan to attend more.

Although sometimes you need the full course, these classes are perfect for the filmmaker or editor with a limited schedule already familiar with much of the software covered, but needs an overview of particulars like sound design or workflow.

I was a little fried at the end of class so I didn't exactly run home and try out what I learned.  I did, however, put some of what I learned to practical use today and I'm loving color correction simply because I have a better understanding of it.  Can't wait for A Filmmaker's Guide to Sound Design.