A lesson in dvd authoring / by KirstenStudio

dvdstudioproThis past Saturday, although very tired from the previous evening's Voices of Afghanistan event, I managed to drag myself to Manhattan Edit Workshop's Masterclass Series A Filmmaker's Guide to DVD StudioPro. What I found was that I knew more about DVD Studio Pro than I thought I did.  I didn't get a whole lot of new information, but I did get enough to make it worth the price of admission.  So far, in the three classes I've taken at Manhattan Edit Workshop, the instructors have been top notch in their thoroughness (more than willing to answer specific questions) and laid back to create a comfortable environment.  Chris, the guy who taught Saturday's class even stayed for 30 minutes beyond the class's end time to go over any questions we had, even getting into specific Final Cut Pro and Color software questions.  Next Saturday I'm taking the Filmmaker's Guide to Sound Design and I'm quite certain I'll get even more out of that, not having really utilized my sound software enough as of yet.  I also look forward to new Masterclass series when they come around.  Particularly A Filmmaker's Guide to Photoshop and A Filmmaker's Guide to Tapeless Workflow.