The Late Great Teleplay / by KirstenStudio

pubrequiem02-1Criterion released yet another impressive dvd set last month.  The Golden Age of Television 3 disc set is a collection of 1950's teleplays that are a unique art form in themselves and unlike what we watch on modern television today.  This group of selects include the original teleplay, Marty (written by the great Paddy Chyefsky and starring Rod Steiger), Patterns (with Ed Begley), No Time for Sergeants (Andy Griffith's television debut and if you've only experienced him on The Andy Griffith Show, you're in for a treat - and also check out  A Face in the Crowd), Requiem for a Heavyweight (one of my favorites), Band the Drum Slowly (with Paul Newman), The Comedian (Mickey Rooney like many have never seen him - really great jaded, egomaniac T.V. star, co-stars include Kim Hunter and Mel Tormé.  Directed by John Frankenheimer) and The Days of Wine and Roses (starring Piper Laurie and Cliff Robertson.  Also directed by John Frankenheimer and like Marty was eventually made into a motion picture). It's a terrific classic television art collection and like the Criterion website says, "These astonishingly choreographed, brilliantly acted, and socially progressive "teleplays" constituted an artistic high for the medium, bringing Broadway-quality drama to all of America.  (take a look at the footage on their site.  A scene from The Comedian)